Table authors-- the "tag line" could use some... well, you know!

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Eh, what is the "Tag Line," you ask? (see attachment #1).

So, the "tag line" is something that sits right under a table's name, and is meant to add some identifying info. Sadly or unsadly, that's all it is, and all it's meant for.

Problem-- "identifying information" sounds kinda unclear, and maybe kinda burdensome... maybe because it is?

Indeed, our site software ("XenForo," not "NicolasBeSoft") forces an author to fill that field out whenever trying to share a resource here. Which probably annoys just about everyone. Which is probably why uploaders tend to paste-in the table name / info a second time, and immediately move on.

But, Brothers and Sisters, I'm here to Show You The Light!

Alright alright, me settle down, now. :blush:

My point is-- the "tag line" can be a fun, useful field to play with... when it's encouraged to bloom. For example, the "tag line" can be anything from a personal thought about the game, to a slogan from the industry flyer, to something from the IPDB ("first game to feature a certain technology"), or just *anything* that adds to the context of a table.

Whatever you like. Anything that adds some character and/or interest is welcome.

In the second attachment, the top two tables feature some interesting tag lines, while the bottom two are unfortunately of the 'generic' variety.

Me, I'd like to see ALL tables feature a fun, character line. :)

Thank you for reading.


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@fastdraw and @druadic,
For example, instead of the red-circled tag lines with no useful info (attachment #1), you might alternatively add some tag lines like this:

- A unique, pure mechanical out of North Carolina.
- "Rollet-- built to ELIMINATE servicing!" (see attached flyer)
- "The Greatest Pinball On Earth!" (see attached flyer)

Whatever you feel. Whatever makes sense. Or maybe just something interesting about why you spent all that time to re-create the dang ol' game!

Thanks, fellas.


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"The old things always defeat the new"

I had no idea this existed. Many times I don't have time to play around with stuff like this (of course it is important) when I'm not feeling well and then with my memory I forget to even do some things I SHOULD have done after I uploaded a zip file.

I'm not trying to be rude but I just didn't know it existed. My apologies.

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Grazie per aver condiviso tutti i tavoli! Ecco alcuni esempi di slogan che potrebbero essere utilizzati per i giochi in allegato:

Merry-Go-Round (sconosciuto 1932)
- Copia della concorrenza del "Ballyround" di Bally del 1932

Carnival (Playmatic 1977)
- Tema: Carnevale - Festa - Ballo - Felicità

Carnival (Sega Enterprises, 1971)
- Esclusivo in Giappone!

Music Mite (WILLIAMS 1951)
- Non un gioco, ma un jukebox!

(Translation by Google-Translate. Original text below.)

Thanks for sharing all the tables! Here are some examples of tag lines that could be used for the games in the attachment:

Merry-Go-Round (Unknown 1932)
- Competitor copy of Bally's 1932 'Ballyround'

Carnival (Playmatic 1977)
- Theme: Carnival - Festivity - Dancing - Happiness

Carnival (Sega Enterprises, 1971)
- Exclusive to Japan!

Music Mite (WILLIAMS 1951)
- Not a game, but a jukebox!


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