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VP8 Williams SS Recreation Taxi updated 1.8

Solid State Machines


Pinball Wizard
Hi all!

I have updated Taxi to version 1.8. Not much new, just a few changes:

- Tried to fix a right ramp bug. Sometimes the ball went trough the ramp, like the ramp wasn't there. I hope it is fixed now.

- Adjusted the flippers for better aiming.

- Changed a little the background.

That's all.



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Thanks jpsalas, very nice, just catchin' up with some of this stuff, another classic recreated love the history and the music rocks also, the spin cup is great. :)


Pinball Wizard
Thanks for the pictures yogiholzer, they will be useful to learn how to add decals to the ramps. Just now all my efforts have been a completely failure. But I hope one day I'll be able to add them.

Yes, the spinout cup works very well. I spent more time with this cup than with the rest of the table.



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I'm sorry, jpsalas. I only wanted to make my own very very small contribution to table developement by posting the link to (bad) resource material. That wasn't meant as comment about your taxi table. Be sure I like all your efforts on all of your tables very much.


Pinball Wizard
Don't worry, yogiholzer. I didn't thought that like a criticism or something. Maybe you misunderstood me, I'm just happy with all the pictures and material I can get. I have been talking in another thread about transparent ramps, and those ramps for Taxi wil be usefull when I managed to learn how to use the decals in VP. It should be nice with a new version of VP that could use the transparency already built in Windows 2000 and XP.

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