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Bally The Addams Family (Bally, 1992) renovation question

Doctor Sax

Pinball Nudger
Greetings! I am new to this group...
I'm currently renovating my Addams Family Pinball Machine. It's a 1992 version with upgraded ROMs. I'm replacing and cleaning lights, black dust, bumpers, all that good stuff.
If there are any pin repair types out there, I have a couple of issues cropping up.
For example, lately the ball has been taking somewhat longer to eject from the swamp, and on top of that, when the bookcase opens and I sink one in there, instead of the whole showtime cycle, the ball just returns out of the swamp a few seconds later, and enters multiball mode. any ideas? I've tried the diagnostics and utilities with no success.
Incidently, some other items on my To-Do list include:
fix thing up/down optos so I can turn thing back on
standard rebuild of weak upper left flipper
repair broken light holder on right of Electric Chair
diagnose and repair dot matrix ( looks like low voltage issue or gas-out)
I have a good handle on most of this short list except for the Showtime issues I mentioned.
not sure mechanically or logically what is causing that issue.
Any Ideas?
Doctor Sax
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