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The Balloon Family (gag)


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There was a Daddy Balloon a Mummy balloon and a baby balloon. One night they were getting ready for bed and Baby balloon wanted to sleep in his mummy and daddy's bed.

Daddy Balloon said " You are too old to sleep in our bed. It is time you
started sleeping in your own bed. So off you go"

Sadly baby balloon trooped of to his own bed. Later that night he crept
into his parents room and tried to climb in with them. But there was not enough room. So very carefully he reached down and let a little air out of his Dad. He tried to get in but there was still not enough room. So he reached down and let a little air out of his Mum. He tried again to climb in, but there still was not quite enough room. So he reached down and let out a little of his own air. He climbed back into the bed and fitted in perfectly between his parents. He was soon asleep. In the morning when Daddy balloon woke up he was very very cross.

He turned to baby balloon and said.

" I told you that you are too old now to sleep in our bed and you have disobeyed me. You have let me down, your mother down and worst of all you have let yourself down."

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