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The Blue And Grey Released


PN co-founder
In making and releasing The Blue And Grey, I'm trying to capture the tragic dignity that those men, women, and families showed 140 years ago. There was great honor shown on both sides for the fallen soldier. Often, once a battle had been decided, members of both armies could be seen first caring to their wounded, and then tending to the dead. This usually meant at the very least, that a crude Grave Marker would be erected.

Basic scoring for The Blue And Grey is rather bland, or basic. The color red signifies the horrible bloodshed on both sides. The stanard pinball sounds have been replaced with sounds that might have been heard on a Civil War era battlefield. See Table Information for complete rules and other details. Thanks to Java Jack for the original table and Patrick for his help in finishing up this table.

Bonus scoring is how The Blue And Grey will leave its mark. There is a 5,000 point bonus for dropping all the targets, which represent Grave Sites that have been prepared. There are also 6 hidden triggers which will indicate Grave Markers which have been placed, honoring those who gave their lives for the freedom they believed in or hoped for. At the end of each ball, a 1,000 point bonus for each Grave Marker placed will be awarded.

The Blue And Grey, Remembering The American Civil War, 1861 –1865, should be available at VP Originals soon, and is now available at shivaSite. As odd as it might seem, it won’t be offered at Pinball Nirvana, since it isn’t flipperless. As I have mentioned before, the image on the lower right apron is Abraham Lincoln, preident of the Union, or northern states. The image on the left is Jefferson Davis, president of the Confederate, or southern states. The image on the backglass is of a Black soldier, a member of one of the many band units that offered moral and often spiritual support to troops on both sides.

Included in the zip file are lyrics by Iced Earth. While their Metal style isn't my cup of tea, their lyrics speak volumns as to the sorrow, misery, and grief of not only the American Civil War, but all war. Peace Is The Answer . . . The Only Answer.



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Site Nudger
Staff member
I love the theme and can't find the darned thing!

It appears to have flippers, (Not your fault!) where can I d/l this Table?


PN co-founder
It's at both VPO and shivaSite. The flippers are why it isn't here. I'm planning more flippered originals, but I'll still crank out flipperless recreations too Jon. I have plenty of free time and loads of ideas for some reason.

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