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The Door Into Summer UPDATED to 1.5!


Pinball Player
Hi guys. some of your may remember this old EM table from way back in 2003. It was the second in my series of tables based on cover art from 1950's science fiction paperbacks. Of that series, this was allways my favourite, and I think still that it has a good layout and nice gameplay.

This update addresses a lot of stuff with the table, improving graphics, play, and feel. Full details below:

Changes for 1.5:
* Table has been completely remoddelled - proper rubbers :)
* Apron rebuilt and reworked
* New cabinet built around the table
* Now has a launch kicker arrangement (the ball doesn't simply appear out of thin air anymore)
* layout tweaking has occured to improve flow and feel of the gameplay
* New Plastics (really - new!)
* Improved playfield (lighting, tidied up, PF cutaway's)
* Improved Backglass (Sub Translight bulbs)
* Ambient lighting - under plastics, slingshot lights etc.
* Light lenses added
* Accelerated bonus countdown greatly. (No more 3 minute bell fests to wait for)
* Extended score reels to 7 digits (previously only 6)
* 'PETE' lights now cycle as a full group of four (Previously only PET cycled)
* In/Out Lane lights added and coded - see rules
* Multiball event bonus pay fixed - lost balls in multiball event no longer pay bonus prematurely. Bonus is saved and held for end of ball.

All in all, the table is far better than it was. I hope you all enjoy this one :)

Is now up at VPO.



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