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Williams The Getaway: High Speed II (Williams, 1992) diverter problem


Inserted Coin
I've one simple (or not) problem with the diverter of the ramp, that diverter that make turn the ball to the Supercharger.
The problem is the diverter itself. It work but it stay open for approximately 1 sec. and then it close again (diverter low) when it's supose to stay open to allow the ball make loops in the supercharger,, the ball makes the loops but no more than 2 because the diverter tend to close after that 1 seconds or two.

I run the test diagnostic on the charger, the optos are ok. When i try to test the solenoid that control the diverter, this open properly, and then close after 1 sec.
I noticed there was a electric noise when the diverter was in Hi position (open) it's like the coil are stuck with something, but i look carefully and nothing stop the coil mechanism.

I notice too that the coil uses a two windings just like the flippers coils. I think one winding it's for open de diverter, and the other winding (low voltage pheraps) it's for maintain the diverter in "open" position (diverter hi).

Any idea of what could be causing this? As you know, the main toy of this game it's the supercharger

Sorry about my english,, i do my best:)
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