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The Golden Pop Bumper Awards

Pop Bumper Pete

Pinball Pirate
Site Supporters
Welcome, to the 2004 ‘Golden Pop Bumper’ award

2004, what a year. VPinmame got upgraded to 1.32 and then to 1.50, thank you gentlemen.
And, of course, Randy’s welcome (but brief) return, to give us the bug fix for his masterpiece, which has sparked a new enthusiasm from some authors and users. I think I speak for all, ‘Thank you Randy’.

During 2004 many Visual Pinball tables were built, both reproduction of real machines and original tables. Tonight we look to find the best tables released during 2004.
We are looking for your favorite flipperless design (either original or recreation), the five best original Visual Pinball tables, the five best recreated electro-mechanical, the five best pre 1980 Solid-state recreations and the five best post 1980 Solid-state recreations.
As well as Visual Pinball tables some personal awards as well, best new author, most improved author, best original sound, and best use of playfield animation.

Here are the categories, fill them in and either post them below or if you would like to keep your choices private send your nominations to me via PM
We are looking for new build for 2004, not just a revision.
The poll will run for two weeks.
All of your nominations will have the same value, you don’t have to list them in any order.
The five top nominees in each category will be declared the winner, there will not be a 1st, 2nd,3rd etc……..

Best post-1980 Solid-state recreation (5 nominations)
Best pre-1980 Solid-state recreation (5 nominations)
Best Electro-mechanical recreation (5 nominations)
Best original table (5 nominations)
Best flipperless original or recreated (1 nomination)
Best new author original or recreation (1 nomination)
Most improved author original or recreation (1 nomination)
Best sound in an original table (1 nomination)
Best use of playfield animation (1 nomination)
Favorite real life ‘new for 2004’ pinball machine

I am the best table author here, can I nominate my own work?
Yes, after putting in so much effort you should be proud of your creation.

I do not believe in competition, can my tables not be counted?
Yes, I cannot stop people from nominating you, but your tables will not be placed in the published count, just send me a PM.

My favorite table was released during 2004 but it was also revised, is it still eligible?
Yes, as long as the original build was released during 2004, then the table is qualified.

Do I have to nominate in every category?
No, you can nominate in as many or as few categories as you wish.

Can I nominate the same table/author in more than one category?

Why are there so many categories?
A lot of people won’t look at a pinball recreation if it is older then 1992, many of the older machines are just as much fun (in my view more so) to play as newer ones. The amount of work that the authors go to in recreating these is just as much as for the more popular machines, and just as deserving for recognition.

Why get five nominations and five winners in each category?
In many cases the best and the second best are foregone conclusions. I am hoping that by the time you get to peoples third, fourth and fifth choice, that there will be some variation.

Don’t forget, if you would like your vote to be private, PM me with your selection.