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The Gyruss....WIP


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This has been too long in the works but I've finally created a layout that plays well, so here are the beginnings.

All comments and suggestions welcome, some ideas for rules would be great as there are many table features to be bought together.

Yes flippers, though no rampage, after all Gyruss was a early 80's video game and this will be a early 80's SS style game with 2 ball multiball and such. :)


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Interesting layout there Steve. I really like your offset lanes up top. I prefer a variety of bumper sizes, and don't much care for the flippers, but I can see a lot of possibilities in your WIP.



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Hmm, trawling the net and found this post..

Just to let you know, this visual pinball table has inspired a full blown pinball. :)

Waiting on leds and a few other bits. Also working on the main MPU. Thinking about using pic chips for it. Looks do-able. I've also started work on using a Stern/Bally replacement mpu for it as well.

I have added a 3 drop target bank and done a few more inserts for it. I have also made templates for the plastics.

Time is rare to spend on it, but it is progressing slowly. More updates when finished.

Cheers, Geoff

P.S. If your in the Brisbane are StevOz, LMk. You can see it in the flesh :D


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Dang....what can I say I am of awe, after all, all I did was try to create an original pinball layout of the era, you have run with the idea and to be honest you just can't beat those sounds or gameplay that era. ;)