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The More Things Change . . .

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PN co-founder
I found the poem below on my HD a few days ago, although it was written nearly three years ago. While I'm pretty sure some folks will get upset, I'm simply trying to show that maybe we aren't nearly as bad off as some of us think. We have survived bannings, the Free Forums, and a number of other issues, so it's more than likely we'll survive whatever comes along next. So here it is, exactly the way I wrote it originally.

Some Things Never Change Much

© Copyright 2003 by John L Patton

When I at first discovered the joys of VP
Everyone seemed like one friendly family
But before long I noticed the rumblings
Which quickly turned into deep grumblings
I read the postings of folk’s unhappiness
Which did confuse me, I must now confess

Angry words were uttered about mods, oh my
So what some said, foul I heard others cry
A battle began around a fellow called Nicky
Was he really so evil or just a bit tricky
A table is just a table I had once thought
Until smack in the middle I was now caught

Before too long Mr Special wasn’t so cool
It seems he had broken some golden rule
Some said it was wrong, some said right
Now I wonder, was it done just in spite
Rules and more rules were finally made
And everyone’s nerves did become frayed

Debates and arguments seemed all the rage
With verbose PacDude taking center stage
Championing the cause he droned on and on
And before long last he found himself gone
Several more members were shown the door
And some of us really began keeping score

While AJ was gone at work or maybe play
The chosen few seemed to have their way
If you voiced an opinion they didn’t like
You were quite rudely told to take a hike
You could even hear the rattlesnake hissing
As more and more good folks came up missing

It’s almost gotten to the point of who cares
Surely what’s been happening cannot be fair
It’s kinda hard to know who is foe or friend
This is like a bad joke that really must end
I thought that pinball was all about fun
But when will this craziness ever be done.
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