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VP8 EM Original Table The Mysterious Cities of Gold

Electro-Mechanical Machines


Pinball Player
FEW! after barely stepping away from my computer for a week, I have completed version 1.0 of this long term project. I think it is interesting to note how long ago the wip for this one was originally announced, and how many other tables I have released since, but finally, after all that time and giving myself a migraine that will last untill new years (just in time for my hangover to take over :) ), HERE IT IS!

Yes, that is correct! MCoG is released, and now available et Elusium Studios ( http://galileo.spaceports.com/~anthias ).

I personally am extremely happy with this one. I think it lives up to Wrenchiens expectations (he said in the WIP thread this might be my best table yet). Indeed, I believe this is my best work. And even then, I have some update ideas, but they are FAR in the future. (like, 6 or 12 months away). This table rocks, if I may say so myself, and the rules I posted in the WIP thread are the ones I used on release.

This is a musical table, with not one but SIX musical backing tracks, so you won't get sick of the one track playing continuously!.


The ramps work, the scores are potentially huge (My hi in testing was just shy of 6 million), and the combos work a treat. Oh, and B4 anybody complains, I know themid-back platform is tricky.IT DOES work, it is not impossible, just can be tricky at times - makes a challenge, and Ilike itthat way :) The two back exit ramps from that platform havelights - the one that is lit will accept the ball, if not, it will kick it back to the platform. Lights alternate with the right flipper.

Channel lights cycle with the left flipper. 1 or two ball multiball, retriggerable (so you can get 3,4 or more). Table multiplier.... Fun :)

and it is only 2.26 MB....

Screeny below,

Enjoy. I gunna take a brake for a few hours now :)


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