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VP8 Flipperless Recreation The Pilot takes flight


PN co-founder
National Pin Games Manufacturing Company seems like an awfully long name for a company that only made 1 game, as far as anyone knows. But their 1932 The Pilot is quite a colorful and challenging table.

An early Commercial Coin-Op, The Pliot has an airplane theme, and many nails or brads to make your game more challenging than a first glance suggests. A diamond shaped pattern of brads with the top open gaurds some of the higher scoring points, as well as a V shaped area concealing the Out Hole.

Two other sets of brads on both sides of the table funnel your ball into the center the the playfield. If that wasn't enough, a number of individual brads scattered about the table protect other high scoring holes. The top hole, hidden in the graphics of the airpalne is worth 2500 points, while the center hole of the bottom graphic earns you 5500. And you get 7 balls for you red hot penny.

You'll need both nudging and the right setting on the adjustable speed plunger to soar to a lofty point total. And to make your task more difficult, I've set the release speed in such a way as to keep you guessing. You'll have to be up to this challenge to earn your wings. You can change to an alumium ball, as well as change the lauch sound for a more traditional rolling sound if you want.

Thanks to Ruckage, Yogi, shiva and others at Pinball Nirvana for improving the source image for me. And for their support and help in my flipperless efforts. You can zero in on a perfect landing and get you copy of The pilot here:




  • Pilot, The (National Pin Games Mfg. Co.)(1932).zip
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