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The POTC zizzle is done also!!


It took me 4 tries to upload my Zizzle marvel. Now the POTC Zizzle is done and again I can't access the download page at all! this is what i get every time:
No download categories available - downloads disabled
I log into it and that is what pops up at first it would just dump me onto the login area then i relog in (although I already was every time i tried) andthat screen pops up!
Well, the POTC table is at vpf.org anyways I would have liked to upload it to here too, but it seems everyone who is here goes there also (or is it the other way around?) no matter it's there for anyone interested. It plays the same just has different sounds and pics! Hence the speed in which I finished it, since they share the same table layout, and basic coding!
Whew! enjoy them both while i go back to my other wip's!
Thanksagain forall your help (you know who you are)
I'm so giddy i could just:bigdance:


  • POTC zizzle table.jpg
    POTC zizzle table.jpg
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Um, it is sitting at vpforums.org! I'm guessing you are not registered there then? you can get it there, I still can't get my file to upload here, don't really know the problem.
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