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The return of my tables


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Just a very small announcement, that I have decided to use one of my webspaces, and have done up a quick website design, and loaded in my main tables for those of you who may have missed one of my releases.

The tables available is Star Trek se and Playboy se for VPinMAME, shivaEngine v1 (FULL version, not the lite version included with Visual Pinball) and of course, Trigon.

This is a small space account, and is something I wasn't using, so I decided to at the very least, make my files available again. As this is a small space, and it is my personal website, these files are there depending on spare space, and may be removed if I should need the space or bandwidth down the road.

If you have these versions already, please do not redownload them, as none of them are updated, they are all the orginal releases. You can find Playboy se and Star Trek se mirrored at Pinball Nirvana as well.

You can find the space here:


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Thanks Big Blue. I was able to get the fullversion of shivaEngine, which I lost a while back. What a nice fellow.

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