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The sounds are coming


pinball music recreator
Since now I have a much faster system and have DSL and since PU.net is closing shop I thought now or soon should I say to go back over some of the music I have released. The first version was pretty crappy but now v2 should be much better. Although I don't have the time that I used to, I'm gonna pick a day of the week and then release on that day only. I will take a request of your favorite game and try to put them first. Something different also this time around is...that I will let everyone know what games are coming up and approximately what date they may be released as I will be going in a specific order. I'm also gonna release a version just music only and a version with some game sounds sometime thereafter as the funhouse remix I made was pretty popular.

If you have any reqests you may PM them to me here or at VPF
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