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Upgrade/Project Theatre of Magic (Bally, 1995) Tiger Saw


Pinball Nudger
Tiger Saw Mod

Hi i did the mod whit an old computer cooling fan, but how i say i conect it to the lights to spin only wen i hit the tiger saw cautive ball, it spin and spin fine because i put a smaller cooling fan , but spin all the time, why??, why dont spin only when the ligh its on??, were can i conetted to do that?? thanks.


Pinball Wizard
Site Supporters
You are somehow getting a non-switched power feed to the fan motor.
Either the fan is not correctly connected to whatever light switches on during the Tiger Saw mode and then switches off when the Tiger Saw mode is finished,
or you are bridging the connections for two separate lights and not the exact light that turns on during the Tiger Saw mode.
Is there such a light on that machine? I don't know for sure.
Be sure you know what you are doing before connecting any custom parts to the machine.
I wouldn't want to damage it.