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Theatre of Magic (Bally, 1995) VP9

VP9 Bally SS Recreation Theatre of Magic JP's version VP9 v2.02 2020-01-28

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Solid State Machines


Pinball Wizard
Here it is my version of this table.

I tried to make the table the way I should like to play it in the computer. I have not tried to make a 100% copy of the original table. As you may know, I like wire ramps and I like to see as much as posible of the playfield. Well, if you don't like it, then MOD it! :D

First I should like to thanks to all the authors who have done this table before, like Jamin, PD, PK, Fuseball, Dorsola, Guittar, Kristian, Jive and maybe someone who I have forgoten. Without their tables I could have never done this one. After many attemps to get the trunk to work using a mech definition, I had to study the trunk code from their tables to adapt it to my table.

Speaking about the trunk: in vpm the trunk has 280 positions, and my animation just 36 frames, and there is one problem: sometimes the cube doesn't rotate as it should and it stops a few steps before truning completely. This adds some more excitement since the cube has its own life :) (actually it will work fine most of the time :) )

I have used PK's settings from the Ultracade machine on most of the parts, and they aren't so different in gameplay to my last tables. They make the table play fast, as it should be in this kind of tables.

I have nothing more to add, you all know this table, much better than me, I'm sure of it :)



PS: I forgot to mention that in the table you'll find different backdrops for different views. If you want you may delete the backdrops you aren't using to save memory.


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Ten Stars for optics!

If it plays only half as good as it looks (and who would doubt that?) im sure this one will make the AllTimes TopTen.

Thanks for presenting JP, much appreciated! :color:


Pinball Nudger
Thanks for the table i'm going to play it in a little while and then i'll report back. But i know it will be awsome, Thanks again. Dave P.


Pinball Wizard
I have found the bug in the diverters: I exchanged them
I tested they worked fine in the rom test, but I didn't see that they were in the wrong place

I'll update the table this evening.


Pinball Wizard
Update 1.1

I have updated the table to version 1.1.

Fixes in 1.1:

- Fixed the diverters
- Changed the left ramp to silver/steel color (thanks Mr Pacman for the suggestion)
- Added some irons under the ramps



Inserted Coin
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Great table JP!!:cheers: Lotza fun to play. Thanks
This gremlin appeared on a weak shot from the plunger lane.
Ball just fell through at the top of the ramp.


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Pinball Wizard
Yes, I have seen that error once too. I tried to fix it by setting the ramps 100% close to each other, but in VP if a ball on top of a ramp find a 1mm opening it will fall through it.

B.t.w. I have updated the table to version 1.2, which fixes the slingshots and bumpers not registering.


Pinball Wizard
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Maybe you could put a Custom Trigger under the Ramp and if the ball falls through the Ramp and hits the Trigger, then use

ActiveBall.X = (Plunger Lane)
ActiveBall.Y = Plunger Lane)

Substitute the .X and .Y coordinates for (Plunger Lane)

I am remembering the trouble with the Trigger under the Ramp in Scared Stiff though.


Pinball Wizard
Absolute KILLER....this is one of the best ever pinball machines and finally we have a version that does it justice...!!

PS: Is there a way to disable the flashers and stuff... I play lots of your games with my brother (with his lower end PC) and these extra features cause a lot of jerkiness?


Pinball Wizard
I have not added any menu to disable things, since the table should run with Hardware rendering on and then there is no slow down at all. So to disable the flashers the best way is to comment the lines that call for the update of the flashers, these are the lines in the fading lights sub starting at line 988:


FadeWm 120, f201, f201a, f201b
FadeWm 120, f202, f202a, f202b
FadeWm 120, f203, f203a, f203b
FadeW 120, f200, f200a, f200b
FadeWm 124, f240, f240a, f240b
FadeW 124, f241, f241a, f241b
FadeWm 125, f250, f250a, f250b
FadeWm 125, r25, r25a, r25b
FadeW 125, f25, f25a, f25b
FadeLm 126, f26b, f26c
FadeLm 126, f26d, f26e
FadeW 126, f26, f26a, f26bb
FadeLm 127, f27b, f27c
FadeLm 127, f27d, f27e
FadeLm 127, f27f, f27g
FadeW 127, f27, f27a, f27bb
FadeWm 128, r28, r28a, r28b
FadeWm 128, f280, f280a, f280b
FadeWm 128, f281, f281a, f281b
FadeLm 128, f28c, f28d
FadeW 128, f28, f28a, f28b

Just comment them all, and there won't be any flasher.



Inserted Coin
I unable to play your game with VP9.
The error appeared everytime I press 'Play'.
Help me solve the problem,Please.
Sorry for my bad English.




Pinball Wizard
This is a common error in VP9, and there are several reason, your graphic card, its memory size, graphic drivers, etc. Try first disabling hardware rendering in the editor (propierties of the table), save the table, and try again.