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TheManFromPOST's interview


PN co-founder
This one ended up with a bit different look than most of them have, but I didn't see much sense in changing TMFP's style.

Name: TheManFromPOST

Lives: Ballarat, Australia

Occupation: Baker

My PC:

Athlon XP2500+, running XP home SP2, Twin screens, one 17 inch LCD the other 17 inch CRT, two years old graphics card ATI Radeon 8500, DVD rom, CD burner.

How Did I Find VP:

Google, I had just discovered forums, and so I looked to see if there were any pinball based forums.

First VP Games Played:

Couple of games from IRPinball, could not get VP to work (had placed the scripts in the wrong place) the IRP recreations worked without scripts.

Favorite Games On VP:

My favorites would be any Williams, Gottlieb, Stern or Bally from 1975 to 1986. No ramps to obstruct your view, and you don’t need a rule book to play. I do enjoy some of the ‘90’s machines. I have also found interesting your flipperless tables, if only there was a look down feature for the plunger to more accurately control the pull-back.

Inspirational Visual Pinball Authors:

I could write a long list here and still miss important people, so I will keep it down to four:

Scapino, for giving step by step instructions on how he creates his masterpieces.
Leo Wanker and the crew at IRP, for recreating the machines of my youth.
Shiva, for shivasite, I will put all that knowledge to use one day.
And lastly, tiltjlp, for sharing his love of the machines of HIS youth, a little has rubbed off, thanks mate.

Building my own VP Tables:

I have dabbled, got a few designs half done, created some custom sounds, worked out how to do graphics, and done a teensy bit of scripting. But I don’t have the time or patience to finish a table.

First Games Played (Real Pinball)

The first games I remember playing at the local arcade.
Grand Prix ’77 Williams
Space Odyssey ’76 Williams

Oldest Games That I Have Played:

Teachers Pet ’65 Williams
Buckaroo ’65 Gottlieb
Sky Line ’65 Gottlieb
Captain Kidd ’60 Gottlieb

Machines That I Own/Have Owned:

Sure Shot ’75 Gottlieb (still have)
Midways de-luxe Baseball ‘62(was given to me, had major parts missing, kept the playfield and backglass)
Empire Strikes Back ’80 Hankin (broken up, POS not worth fixing then, now I would try to fix, is not that different to early Bally’s)
Haunted House Gottlieb (sold, could not keep running)
Star Trek ’78 Bally (still have)
Black Knight ’80 Williams (still have)
Playboy ’77 Bally (still have)
Creature From The Black Lagoon ’92 Bally (still have)

Is VP Dead?

No, far from it.

I have changed this answer since I first wrote it. At the time Randy was still AWOL and VP was having serious compatibility problems. With his return, VP is once again a shining star, and once again people are enthusiastic.

Is The VP Community Dead?

No, far from it. You are a passionate group of people. That authors should work so hard to produce their works, that I am continually amazed at what is accomplished. And then you have the original tables, many times I have been impressed by how conventionality has bee thrown out, and imagination has produced great works.

So, Why Do I Like The VP Community?

Through VP I have meet many people from all around the world, and discovered that whilst we may have differences of opinion, that we are more alike than unlike.


PN co-founder
Well, if I was that close to you, and still could drive, I'd probably be your best and fattest customer. We've got to stop having so many posts about food, it's ruining my resolve to stay on my diabetic meal plan. I'm still 800 pounds lighter than the heaviest person I ever heard of, so I guess there's no danger in my simply getting so big that I explode. :p

John ((( 0 ))) love those donuts


Pinball Wizard
Mmmmmm doughnuts - I love doughnuts me. Jam ones, custard ones, ones with holes, some without, some with icing on and other bits and bobs. Damn, doughnuts are great. Only trouble is they do not last long enough. Do you want to see my collection? LOL

On topic TMFP sounds a nice guy. Good interview.


PN co-founder
TMFP was and is an original. and a funny fellow. But I am still waiting for him to send me some of his goodies.
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