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Flying Trapeze (Senior) (Gottlieb, 1934) VP8

VP8 Gottlieb EM Flipperless Recreation tiltjlp & forchia release Flying Trapeze Senior v1.0 2020-01-28

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Electro-Mechanical Machines


PN co-founder
Gottlieb’s 1934 Flying Trapeze is as unigue a game as you are likely to find. The IPDB describes this Golden Oldie this way; A richly colored, golden bakelite finish Playing Field is trimmed with glistening Aluminum Trapezes and Spring Rails. Add to this - its genuine, select walnut cabinet, inlaid with natural finish birch. But that’s just the start.

Flying Trapeze is a 10 ball game, with 9 white balls, and a yellow ball which doubles its score. If you land in the top Starter Cup, you’ll hear a bell, which starts the action, if you have also landed balls in the two Trapeze sections. Any balls in those Trapeze sections will begin to cascade down the diamond, As they travel, they add even more points to your score. Also, any balls that you had lost will now be given back to you to replay.

As you will notice in your first game, nudging is essential if you want to score well, since the cups in the Trapeze are hard to hit, a lot harder than the lower scoring cups off the the sides. But be careful, too much nudging will cause the game to tilt. Be watching as your last ball settles into a scoring cup, and see the table gobble up the balls in prepartion of a new game. And to think the old masters back in the mid 1930s could have designed just a marvel.

I wish to thank forchia, who coded most of the Trazepe magic, as well as the end of game olympics, and added several other important touches. It was a pleasure to work with him, and I hope that we can team up on other projects in the future. Thanks for all your help Tomaso. And to answer the unasked question, no, Patrick and I are still partners. I guess I just need more help than one person can provide. :p You can download this most unusual tablew by following this link:




Pinball Player
My sincerest thanks goes to John for a very pleasant teamwork.
I really hope to team up again with him soon, and I really hope you'll enjoy this old beauty.

And of course, I can't wait to see the next Patrick & tiltjlp release (they really are a real asset amongst the authors)
And yes, to confirm John's words, our was a "temporarily" teamwork, since Patrick is actually involved into FP projects and was so kind to agree with our cooperation.


Tiltjlp and Forchia: would you like to make also a FP version?

It is easy to make entirely by yourself, and if neccessary with a little help.

I can give you a basic well adapted script from one of my tables, then tell you what to do/modify with the images, then with the editor and then what to modify in the script.

And with an experience like that , it will encourage you to be more often in the FP section that i try to promote a little.



PN co-founder
Sure, I'm willing, but it's really up to forchia, since he would have to do most of the script adaption. I'm still slowing working my the FP table you offered to help me with. It's going slowly, but as soon as I take the time to study the FP help file I should be able to figure out what I've done wrong.



Pinball Player
it's sure a nice thing to try. Although I don't have an high end system to run FP at full rate, it would be cool to make this nice flipperless table there, and see the difference between the two versions.
If you can take care of the graphic part of it, I'd be happy to start checking the code section. Hopefully we have the experience of the VP version, so the script shouldn't be that hard to implement (I really hope I'm not talking too much in advance!!)

I don't know if I'll be able to spend much time with FP in the next future, but we can give a try, if you've got the time to help me with the graphics (and beta test the table as well...)

Let me know what do you think, John...


PN co-founder
Sure, let's give it a try. I'll start working on it right away, and we'll take as long as we need to do a first rate job of it. I never worry about how long a table takes, just that we do the best we can. Should be fun.


Pinball Player
That sounds good, John.
Feel free to email me the table as soon as it is ready, and I'll start working on the script. :)
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