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tin can targets demo


Pinball Wizard
well, this is just a bit of fun. I was toying with trying to create 'Pinball of the Dead' in VP. This game has lots of zombies you have to hit with the ball. So I thought I'd try and make a set of moving targets, and here they are. It's a nice little trick really, nothing more - like I said, a bit of fun.

Noone seemed too fussed on me making Pinball of the Dead so I'm putting that one out to seed for the time being...!

JLP, if you read this - feel free to transfer it to the demo section.


  • tincantargets.zip
    49.3 KB · Views: 285


Pinball Player
Nice little demo, set up scoring and have the targets reset after they're all knocked down and I could see where this would work really nice on an original table, especially one about zombies.
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