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Tips for better gameplay :D


Pinball Wizard
Some tips for better gameplay:

A good sized plunger rod is 6-8 inches long. A really good plunger rod is 3-5 inches in diameter. If you plunger rod is too small, you won't get far unless your aim is really good.

Autoplunging isn't really considered good technique, yet it happens a lot to inexperienced players.

When you are in the inlane, you don't autoplunge.

Manual plunging is MUCH better than autoplunging.

When aiming for an orbit, try to alternate between left an then right and then try to shoot straight up the center!

Purposely aiming for the outhole may result in the end of the game. However, draining in an outhole can also sometimes lead to very big bonus scoring and may be ok if you first achieve getting a special rollover light lit first.

Too much friction on your playfield leads to very slow ball action so keep your playfield well lubricated.

Toys can be fun when straight play becomes boring, but having too many toys in one playfield just tend to get in the way.

Achieving a jackpot too soon can be distracting and lead to the loss of a ball.

Aiming for a super jackpot is a better way to go.

Some players can achieve multiple jackpots and that's usually better than a single super jackpot.

Scoring a lot seems to be the goal of most people, although some say it's better to score a lot with one game than do only so-so with many games.

If your close friends call you a wizard, you know you've done well.


PN co-founder
I'll never look at the game of pinball quite the same ever again. You almost make SDTM sound like a good thing. Did you write that or find it somewhere? So is using an adjautable speed launcher a good thing or not?



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I've always found giving the plunger a spin whilst releasing improves aim and just adds so much style. :pelvic_thrust:

Oh yeah and always look for these. :cow:


Pinball Wizard
Actually, I thought of it in response to the "how long is your list" thread (i.e. "you mean my plunger rod? About 6-8 inches on a good day" which I then spun into more and more euphemisms and thought it made more sense as a separate thread than playing off a "list" bit).
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