Today . . .I'm MR. Shadow . . .and takin' no shit.


AKA Nicky Special
Oct 18, 2004
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Righty . . .cock yer lugs dickwads . . .

. . .today I feel like being MR. Shadow . . .so . . .

. . .any of this "Lizzie" shite and I'll have you snapped in a compromising position with two poodles and a bucket of fish . . .

. . .so don't fuck with me you set of bastards !!!

I thought you killed Kenny?
So, is this what they mean by "being on the rag"? And who in the heck is "they"?

bob said:
I thought you killed Kenny?

Nah mate . . .the only geezer that got killed this year was Bill.

She tried to blow me bollocks off by shooting me in the arse and said "rectum?"

I said "no . . .just badly bruised 'em . . . :shock: "
Let me know when Lizzie returns... Kenny sucks!

:x :cuss: :argue: :crushed: :headz:
bob said:
Let me know when Lizzie returns... Kenny sucks!

:x :cuss: :argue: :crushed: :headz:

Fuckin' cheek . . .wots so great about HER . . .

. . .bodystealin' bitch . . . :x
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