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VP8 SS Recreation TOTAN 2.1 and X-Files 1.01E released

Solid State Machines


Pinball Wizard
Hi.... I finally put these available for download.

TOTAN 2.1 is the official version but AJ doesn't want to create a download slot for the table... for some strange reason... although I have requested it from the admins about 2 years ago... and then multiple times after that. However it's now abvailable at Pinball Nirvana. Other authors who have done stuff for this table are PacDude, wpcmame, Guittar, Fuseball & Pk.

Magnox (the author of X-Files) authorized this enchanced table which I once did for myself. Just some minor tweaking like new cabinet, some gfx and fixed the ball-thru-flipper bug. Guittar did the main gfx... I don't maintain the table so if you want some improvements... whatever you do don't contact me. I uploaded it to old Shivasite back then... so it's not a new release by any means...

Both are available at Pinball Nirvana downloads.


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