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VP8 EM Original Table Town Crier 1.0 released

Electro-Mechanical Machines


Pinball Player
Hi guys. I've had this one sitting on my PC for a couple of weeks and have decided to release it. it is made with the Woody template (thanks to Patch, Bendigo and Madmax for their respective works).

This one is an add-a-ball (*** Tips hat to bob ***). Light TOWN CRIER to get an extra ball, which results in the balls in the "balls played gut thing moving along. This was something I found tricky to impliment with the templates existing code, but I got there and I commented all my changes to the script, so if you want to do addaball with the template, feel free to grab the code!

I hope you all enjoy pplaying this table as I do.


At VP-Originals:

At ShivaSite:
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PN co-founder
Interesting table. Your flipperless know-how sure shows through on this one. And Steve might be right about it being easy, since I got 2 add-a-balls my first game. But I prefer to believe that I have a Feel for older style tables. I've morphed Patch's woodie table into a flipperless template, and included it in my Bagatelle Starter Kit, and I think you'd really work magic with it.

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