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True Infinite Lives For Popeye on Mame Finally Hacked!!!


Pinball Player
:popeye (Revision D) Finally Hacked By Mitchell
:popeye:00000000:8800:00008918:0000000F:True Infinite Lives

It was so easy to hack for Popeye (Revision D).

Add this to your cheat.dat by edit it.

Those hackers over http://cheat.retrogames.com/forums/ couldn't hack it right.

All I did is this. First off I set it on 255 and search it one time only for the infinite lives without starting a game on Mame.

I gotting this numbers 00008918 and paste it over the old numbers.


Pinball Player


  • cheat.zip
    234 bytes · Views: 317
  • cheat_499.zip
    234 bytes · Views: 318
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