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VP8 Flipperless Recreation Trumps 1795 released


PN co-founder
Original game handmade by Jaques of London, which began business in 1795. It's quite possible that this is a reproduction of a game 211 years old. The reproduction is offered for sale by Toypost of England. You can order yours online at their site: http://www.toypost.co.uk/home.php. From my version, you can see how well they are made.

I have included a SS of the original and official rules, which I have had to adapt slightly. While the four card suits are being tracked, and you can pick a trump card, trump scores will not be doubled. But when your ball lands in either Doubler hole, your entire score is doubled, not just the balls in the suit below that hole. Listen for Big Ben's gong when you double your score, or when you earn the Special Bonus.

In the original rules, the two small V shaped nail cups at right and left bottom allowed the player to reshoot any missed balls. In my version, you receive a rather special bonus, which you'll have to discover on your own. Since all the highest points are available at the lower half of the table, nudging, as always, is well worth the effort. Thanks to Shockman for once another image fix. Play your cards right and we'll ante up Trumps 1795 to you at the bottom of this page:




  • Trumps Bagatelle (Jack of London)(1795).zip
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