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Trying something new


PN co-founder
Normally, only registered members can post at Pinball Nirvana. But I'm interested why a guest would visit and decide not to become a member. If a guest simply isn't a joiner, that's not a problem. But if there is somnething we're either doing or not doing which turns someone off, I'd like to know. So at least for a while, all visitors can post in this forum, but only this forum. This way maybe we can make Pinball Nirvana a place everyone will enjoy visiting.

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My experience of video game websites allows me to think that Guests do not "decide not to become a member". If they are not real enthousiasts, they just do not imagine having to join or imagine that it is for more enthousiats than them.

They join when they want to post something…. For example I have posted a question 4 days ago on the soccer forumpsg.com: what is the more anti-psg referree? just after a game with one of our player out by the referree: 906 readers and 83 posts in 4 days. 24 days ago: question about the psg website: only 166 readers and 11 posts.

But many are afraid to give they e-mail. In France a statistic show that many use the computer during their work and consequently are only readers. Children avoid to give the email of their father.


PN co-founder
Thanks for your answer Patrick. Never having had a job where I could access a computer, I didn't consider any of those reasons. I knew it wasn't as cut and dried as liking the site and signing up or not liking it and ignoring it. Just proves an old dog or an old coot can always learn something new.



Pinball Wizard
Good thing I'm a member. I wouldn't want to have to post in this thread. For a start it is sticky (eeuch!!) and now you say we could catch (old) cooties.