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Trying to log in


Pinball Wizard
Hi, Its me Liteuser
I tried to log in last night and I had my password and I kept getting the invalid password message. So I tried the retrive lost password and didnt get the confirmation code in my email, so in short I gave up.

So I tried again tonight and did get the code but when I went back and put it in , along with my user name and email. It just keeps sending the same code to me, no new password. And for the life of me I can not figure out where else you can enter that code to change your password. So I reregistered under a new email account I have. And my user name has a period after it. Sorry if this seems like two sign ups but thats the only way I can get in here to let you guys know. I will say one thing , this site is super succure I couldnt even figure out how to get a new password.
If you want you can remove that other account I had or fix me up somehow. Thanks

The reason why I wanted to get in was, to maybe post a wip of that 1957 Gottlieb Silver table I am working on. I had it posted at shivaSite but because of high traffic I removed it and my other wips. The screenshots remain just the zips are gone to maybe free up some room there. I only wanted to post it to find out if anyone wanted to help out with the lights , scores , and scripting. And maybe finish the Table all I would ask is a mention of my name to be listed in table info along with Patch and others for the template. So what do you think should I just scrap the wip or go ahead and post it. What ever you guys think I'll go along with. Thanks
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no need liteuser with SS, just was excessive use, not bandwidth that's the problem. Post it here if you like, and once I stop downloading my backup, I will do the system for SS that should solve some of the problems there till we get our act together.
get your table up here first.


PN co-founder
Sure, go ahead an post a WIP thread, along with a SS. I wouldn't be much help since I'm not much of a coder myself, but it's a cool table, so I hope you can find someone to lend a hand.

As for the password problem, Jon will have to solve that one, since I'm also not very technical minded. Just glad you figured a way to get in.



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Sorry about the problems you had with your login, Liteuser.

I did notice that you have different email addresses with the accounts but it doesn't sound like that was your problem..

The page you were looking for is linked from the home page, upper left hand side and only appears if you are not logged in, called Login Problems?

Let me know if you need any help.