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Tutorial Tutorial, How to create your own OpenOffice text document


Pinball Wizard
HI to all

I just have finished my own pdf document about how to create and use your own OpenOffice text document.

This guide could help you create your own guides or text documents. Maybe you have your own company? Maybe you would like to create a document for a company? In both ways i'm glad that this free pdf guide contribute to your life; even maybe for your financial life.

I know that this document will not give me a better life, even a better financial life with no problems. I'm just glad that it will help peoples for your own good things, and with it will make me to be a good part of it; with good and honest intentions.

Here is the online link to this free pdf guide:
https://drive.google.com/file/d/1mvVT9RgM9nE0C08fE1d2rVzHM00JEq80/view?usp=sharing (sfavron_openoffice_guide_signed.pdf)

Or you can see it here:


  • sfavron_openoffice_guide_signed.pdf
    3.2 MB · Views: 15
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Pinball Wizard
Now when i'll have the time i'll continue the OpenOffice document about some Futurepinball with BAM guide, that peoples can contribute to it. But oriented as i would like for the peoples.

That's why i had to make this free pdf document, first and before about using OpenOffice. So that peoples using OpenOffice could help with the FP with BAM guide i am building step by step with the peoples help for the peoples. But it's a work in progress this guide, you must understand that as you i have my ways of life; pay my bills, groceries, cleaning and more. Also that i'm a total beginner with BAM. I'm sure you understand.



Pinball Wizard
Wow all theses infos i see about FP with BAM. You are awsome guys! I can easy imagine peoples that contribute to my work in progress OpenOffice guide about FP with BAM. Writing here just to let you know that i'm continuing the document about some of the basic rules, for peoples that contribute to my guide. Also i already have put online some background images samples, linked into my basic rules guide.

The guide of course wont have much at start, because i want to make it your guide; but oriented as i would like. With all your help of this OpenOffice guide that can be modified by peoples and things to add into; i think it will be an amazing wip guide. You must understand that i'm still a beginner. For me with all your infos, you're the best guys!

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