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Sega Twister (Sega, 1996) Through-up Kicker Inop


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I recently became the owner of a Sega Twister Pin with some issues!!! YAy ME! LOL Found all 50V coils inop.lead to fuse 21 being blown which lead to Transistor Q1 being shorted on.Pulled out board,replaced q21,reassemble.all fuses stayin intact and coils all working except upkicker. Found 76v on both side of coil.check continuity on both wires which is good. Grounded Q1 and upkicker energizes and works correctly. This is about where my knowledge lead me to thus far and I need some HELP!!!! Please!!! What parts of power board control acativation of this circuit?


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since Q1 was changed and grounding Q1 fires coil that eliminates coil, coil wiring, and driver board connection problems. the coil should work correctly on solenoid test to eliminate cpu problems. the possible problems are trough opto and switch column 2 wiring. take all 5 balls out of machine, go into the service manual to page 93 and do this trough opto test. while still in switch test mode check operation of each trough roller micro switch 1 at a time, also check shooter lane switch and drop target switch operation to eliminate switch column 2 problem. check wiring and diode connections on trough micro switches and opto boards. most opto transmitter led's can be checked by viewing their light output with a digital camera . opto recievers can be checked by shining a NON led flashlight on them.