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    Also, here's our browser games collection, for those who are playful.
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Solid State Machines


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By Patrick (Liberty) added to
Flipperless.com And IRPinball !

ThankYou Patrick! :)
Here are some screenshots:

Back to the Future (2004 Sankyo)

Dynamite Girl (Daiichi)


Pinball Wizard
Looks very interesting.

What buttons you use with Back to the Future? I only found _enter_ which launches the ball. There was nothing in the table info section, either. Might be a good idea to put some basic rules there?

Are these games recreations of real arcade machines?


The message on the top, at the right of the first screen is: Press Start or Press 6 for rules
Edge holes: add 7 balls and play reels 7 times for 7 balls. Red hole: add 15 balls and play reels and play reels 15 times for 7 balls. - Preference Parameters: Start =S Plunger=Up - Nudge: Tiltleft=1 Tiltright=3 Tiltcenter=2.

These machines are actually on sale on some US pachinko and pachislot internet stores. For most of them, details are also on Sankyo website (in japanese).

The orange version of Back to the future is also actually on sale on ebay (time left 5 hours). Go on ebay and select back future and pinball
The real version of the visual pinball game is also actually on sale on slotusa.com. In google type "back to the future" pachinko.


Pinball Wizard
Oops I missed the message on the top.

Thanks Patrick. I'll definitely try this out. I've never seen a real Pachinko game. Looks like very cool stuff.


PN co-founder
DOH, I missed the instructions on the top of the screen too. Wasn't sure if I'd like pachinko, but it's an interesting game. I'd like it even better if there was more nudging involved.

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