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Tropicana (United, 1948) VP8

VP8 United EM Flipperless Recreation United's Tropicana released v2.0 2020-01-28

No permission to download
Electro-Mechanical Machines


PN co-founder
Patrick, working with his 9 year old daughter, has released Tropicana, a flipperless table from 1948, made by United. This table challenges you with an array of bumpers, channel rollovers, and kickers. While Patrick handled the scripting, his talented daughter reworked the backglass. You can grab this piece of history here:




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Pinball Wizard
Site Supporters
Hey, I saw this on IPDB's new database change list - but I thought it was based on the Tropicana Twister drink. :)


Pinball Wizard
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Is a job much amusing and bond.
it has a single defect: the flippers lack.
Congratulations and auguries to Alexandra.
Saluti dall'Italia


To Furio

Thanks Furio.

I dont speak italian but with sister is married with an italian since 20 years. She lives in San benedetto del Tronto and i come last august there.

The italian Elite guard (see unusual treatment) was bought at Puerto d'Ascoli and Doctor Maboul via Gasperi at SB.

Note that my site akite3D.com have a full italian version.

And what soccer team do you prefer?



Pinball Wizard
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The soccer team that I prefer is Italy.
The more pleasant memory is Spain 1982.
Conti, Rossi, Cabrini, Scirea, Zoff, Tardelli, etc.
Memory Elite Guard , you also I have played.
I do not have pinballs real.
Being able to have a pinball, nearly sure I would choose one of years 50.
I have played to you that I was child.
I have learned to play on Crossroads, Coronation, Flying High, Happy Days, Chinatown, Gypsy Queen, Quartette, World Champ, Silver, etc .
Could be won in 3, 4,5, various ways.
Of new auguries to Alexandra.
Saluti dall'Italia
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