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Sure Shot (Carlson Manufacturing Co., 1932) VP8

VP8 Flipperless Recreation UPDATED: Target, 1935 and Sure Shot, 1932 v2.3L VP6 2020-01-28

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20+ YEARS as a VP author. How time flies...
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Both tables now have adjustable table slopes for further gaming enjoyment! Hope these make these older games a bit more fun and challenging.



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I think the adjustable slope feature is great, Will. I like mastering a table, but once I have, a lot of the fun is gone. Being able to change the slope makes for a brand new challenge. I used to be so good at Sure Shot, but not now. But in time I will be again.



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Thank's for the updates druadic !

I just has a chance to try them out and they are now even better, the slope feature is very nice :)


20+ YEARS as a VP author. How time flies...
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Have fun!

Thanks guys and enjoy yourselves. It's all that matters. Will be awhile before my next WIP is released - going through a total redraw.

Will / druadic