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Updating CE3K!


Pinball Wizard
Just started updating my CE3K table. Got new plastic scans off of Balls of steel, and re-modeled the table more accuratly, fixed the lighting, and adjusted the angle to fill more of the screen with table.

Heres a Wip.



  • ce3kwip01.jpg
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Pinball Wizard
All your work is top class, Kurt, but I have to wonder why such a big apron at the expense of larger playfield? Much rather have more playable area, anytime (where possible).

Not a complaint mind you, just a question.

Is it an aspect thing encountered when rendering?


Pinball Wizard
Well, I could cut off the apron all together, but I think its part of the table. Unfortunaly, those Gottliebs had LARGE aprons!

Also If I cut it down, you couldnt see the plunger. :)



Pinball Wizard
Apron is very important part of a VP table. There are some great looking tables without aprons (like Emkaah's Space Shuttle) but generally... without full apron & good looking cabinet the tables look just... stupid. :)

Playing the tables in bigger monitor will help a lot. I realized this when I bought my new '19 screen. It's a world of difference after '15.

PS: Close Encounters looks fantastic Kurt. (Talking about stating the obvious).
PS2: If you haven't decided your next table yet... It would be great to see you takin' on Space Station (Williams). You haven't done a solid state Williams yet - and it shouldn't be too hard to do layout wise (especially after CV).

I'm not trying to push you, merely a suggestion - have lots of good pics for SS (got them from Rob). It's a great machine and you could do it justice.