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VP8 SS Recreation Upload proposal....

Solid State Machines


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Please continue to post VPM zip files in your posts until I get your feedback,...Always feel free to post screenshots!

I'm back and am wondering.... :wtf:

This makes no sense to me, this site has full upload capabilities that would contain all of the uploaded zips in 1 place and authors could delete and edit uploads as they do on these forums. Let me explain......

The uploaded zips in these forums will probably be outdated sooner or later, I would have to figure out stuff or depend on authors to edit their attachments. This doesn't seem very convenient for authors or visitors..
Wondering if you might consider posting links to the uploaded tables here:


You could create your own folders and edit the files after you register!

Just a suggestion and I value your input!



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Jon, it should be no surprise that I'm the one who dreamed this screwball idea up. It happened while the VPF/shivaSite server was down almost daily, for hours and almost days at a time. Not being at all tech-minded, I thought the attachement idea was a decent temporary solution to help out the VPM authors.



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Personally, if vpm downloads require a lot of bandwith and costs I'm not sure if separate vpm section is worth the effort. AJ's has all the vpm tables anyway and for me the temporary download section suits just fine.

People can download the tables immediately, without waiting the validation process at AJ's. I can delete the attachments right after they get validated if it's better that way. Just let me know.


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That is a good idea.


Anyway. How about the attachments will be delete in 30 days automatic from the posts???