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Uploading attachment doesn't work


Pinball Wizard
Well I tried to upload new version of Solar Fire here (the attachment system) and it doesn't seem to work at all.

It obviously uploads the attachment just ok but it won't appear in the thread. Have you removed this option on purpose?
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Well John I looked and it's a mystery to me, attachments are set at up to 5Mb and each user can have up to 50Mb in attachments. I checked kristians account and he has plenty in reserve, so I've no more ideas as to why it won't work for him?


PN co-founder
Thanks for checking it out Steve. Maybe when Jon has time to drop by he'll be able to figure out the problem, and do a hack for it. I'd only make things worse if I tried to do anything. Kristian, have you tried again, maybe it was just a glitch.



PN co-founder
It's weird, but after posting 12 attachments tonight, my last four failed. Maybe there's a daily limit on the number you can upload, but I doubt it. I'll e-mail JPH and let him know we're having a problem. and maybe he can come to our rescue.



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Thanks for the notification about the attachment problems! :)

This was the problem....

Attachment Quota = 50MB
Maximum Disk Space ALL Attachments can hold on your Webspace.

We hit 51.27 MB, I've increased the limit, so all should be ok!

I'm going to post about a huge hosting upgrade that was completed last week for the site.

I've been extremely busy lately but should have some time cleared up in a couple of weeks.


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