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Variable Speed Plunger Demo

VP8 Support File Tutorial Variable Speed Plunger Demo Released v1.0 2020-01-28

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PN co-founder
Introducing Patrick & tiltjlp's Variable Speed Plunger Demo. By using the code in our script, you can use the 6 and 7 keys to decrease or increase strength of your plunger release. While in our demo code, the amount of change is 10, you can adjust the code to make the change larger or smaller. In some tables you might want a smaller number to give players a chance to make a skill shot, in others you might want a larger number to make it a mire difficult for the player. Each decrease or increase require one key press, so too small a change might make for sore fingers.

Feel free to use and adapt our Variable Speed Plunger as you wish, but we do ask that you give us credit in your script or Table Information, and in your release post. Available by following the link below.




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