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Support File VBS Files V3.19 Released


Pinball Wizard
Sorry for the frequent update, but this has to be released before Rob's Middle Earth table as it needs the fixed switch settings for the flippers.

Changes in V3.19
Atari1.vbs, Atari2.vbs and Atari.vbs now use the corrected VPM flipper numbers (82 & 84) which should allow the SolFlipper function to work for all Atari games (works fine now for Middle Earth).


PN co-founder
Thanks Dude. Glad to see you're keeping up with all the changes. Also available in the Essentail Files download section.



Pinball Wizard
Guess what guys? Atari2.vbs is now busted (seems 82/84 doesn't work with "all" systems like the core says). So look for 3.20 with the Atari2.vbs corrected backto 81/83 while Atari1.vbs stays at its corrected 82/84. :)