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Victory Ball (O.D. Jennings And Company, 1932) VPX

VPX Flipperless Recreation Victory Ball (O.D. Jennings And Company, 1932) VPX v1.0

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Isaac Sauvage

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Good, glad you figured out how to update an entry without having to create a new one.

Jon noticed some weeks ago (I think it was with "Banko"?) that you deleted the resource entry and re-created it, but I think that even if the entry is soft-deleted like that, you as the author (and also as a downloads manager) can actually undelete the entry and upload the new version using that same entry.

It's just a case of 'less clutter' and 'less steps to go though.'

I'd meant to mention this before, but forgot.

The larger point is that you can also use the same resource entry to upload future versions of a table, and the system will track the different versions as long as you specify them in the "Version number" field. Indeed "VPX" is not something you probably need to put in the version number field. That's what the VPX prefix is for, actually. Version number is best used for... well, the actual version number. Heh.

All this might be completely obvious to you, and maybe I'm preaching to the choir; just wanted to make sure!