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Help video display on Backglass


Pinball Wizard
Ok I have a strange one. I am getting back into Future Pinball (going to build a mini system). So far so good. But the really strange thing is that on a lot of tables where there should be video on the back glass there is non, eg Slam Ultimate The Addams Family. The video is shown on the playfield (HUD), but there is no video on the backglass. This is also with Robocop, Blade Runner ... (Slamt's ultimate table as well).

However the backglass videos are working in T2.

How can I fix this , it has to be something small?
OK I worked it out.
On the traslite I make sure the HUD is render onto translite and then i right click on it and select move to Layer 1 !!!


Pinball Wizard
OK the HUD is now working in Bladerunner on the Backglass .
But in Addams Family 1.05 the HUD appears on the righthand corner of the playfield.

Is it possible to move it on the Backglass ?
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