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VIP 1.1 Out


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Changelog VIP 1.0 --> VIP 1.1

Removed CFGs that i forgot to take out in 1.0

Added Gottlieb and Bally NVRAMs --> (Thanks to Kristian for making them available here!)

Rewrote 'PreInstall ReadMe' to be more specific

Rewrote general ReadMe

Updated PNs new URL in shortcuts and ReadMe's

Made the RAR a selfextracting archive --> Extracts the installer right next to the archive by default

A nice sideffect of the new installer that i didnt mention yet is BTW that folders/directories where files have been added/changed since the installation will NOT be deleted when you uninstall the VIP!
This means Tables, ROMs, NVRAMs and CFGs will NOT be removed when you uninstall the VIP, because the added Tables and ROMs (and the created NVRAMs and CFGs) will all count as a 'change' so the uninstaller wont touch these files/dirs.

Things which were NOT changed since the installation (like the VBS in the 'Tables' folder for example) WILL be removed though, which means updates of the VIP can be used to update the complete VP/VPM installation without loosing any of the important files since only the 'basic' files will be removed and replaced with the newer versions from the updated VIP.
I tried it out several times to make sure that it really works and i must say it works just great.
This should really be the ultimate VP/VPM installer now,...just like i always wanted it to be,...:)


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To someone who can do it: (I still cant do it myself)

Please update the VIP in the DownloadSection with the new version.

Thank You.:-)


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I just remembered that i made a second VIP 1.1 including the VPLauncher for testing purposes because i wanted to see how big it was when i include the launcher again. But it was over 10MB then again, so i decided to leave it at the basic stuff in favour of a smaller filesize.

1.1VPL is slightly bigger than 1.1 (12.5MB vs. 9.4MB) but if you want to offer it here as well just tell me where to upload/send it.
It will not be available via my signature.
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