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Visual Basic Beginners Guide


Pinball Wizard
I got this .pdf file on a magazine DVD the other day.

It is a tutorial file on Visual Basic and it is (apparently) aimed at the novice programmer.

It is quite a large file at over 2meg but it could be of use to someone.


  • vb-programming_for_beginners_-_edition_3.pdf
    2.6 MB · Views: 673


PN co-founder
Thanks Panda. I'm getting it now, and hopefully it will do me some good. I'm going to make this thread Sticky, since I'm sure there are other folks who will find this useful too.



Pinball Player
dont waste your time tilt, if your an old person dont bother its to late
you gogtta be born to program and using visual basic is no walk in a park.


PN co-founder
Waste my time, why you young whippersnapper. :p Believe it or not over the past three years I've actually have learned a lttle bit, but teaming up with a real programmer really helped. So far I've released close to 50 tables, templates, and demos, a few solo, but most as part of several teams. I'm proof that you're never too old to learn new tricks.

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