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Visual pinball has stopped working over and over again


Pinball Nudger
Other problem solved of digital screen, so I post a new post for this new issue...

I get a crash in each table that I play in the first game. All tables without pinMame don't crash, the games that uses pinmame crash after a few minutes (0-2 minutes) never giving me enough time to finish a game... I launch visual pinball as admistator I installed visualpinmamesetup in admistrator mode to. I have the samples, i have the fonts the roms, I tried with 5 different tables they all crash after a few time. If I play continental Bingo for example everything works fine, no crashes.

It's the Typical crash on Vista Visual pinball has stopped working, first it said it stopped it from Data exectution error thing, so I allowed it and now simply crashes without telling me that DEP error.

So I don't know any more, hope some people had the prob or can help on this

I always played on my laptop (XP) never had this issue, but laptop is dead... was 6 years old anyway. so decided to play on desktop, sure is much more beautiful, but useless as it crashes every single minute I play.
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