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SS Support File Visual PinMAME v1.53 Released!

Solid State Machines


Pinball Wizard
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Version 1.53 (June 1, 2006) - "GO FASTER!"
It's been 10 months since our last release. Every time we thought about making
this available, a new issue cropped up that we couldn't resist. Just one more
challenge around the corner to overcome. I'd like to think this version has had
the most testing ever, but if you do find a bug, please let us know.

1.53 changes:

*** SOUND ***
Improved Inder Sound (Gerrit Volkenborn)
Juegos Populares Sound (Gerrit Volkenborn)
Improved Zaccaria Sound (Gerrit Volenborn/Oliver Kaegi)
Gameplan Sound (Oliver Kaegi)
Added correct sound support for Pennant Fever (Gerrit Volkenborn)
America 1492 sound now works (Gerrit Volkenborn)
Fixed Williams Thunderball Sound (Gerrit Volkenborn)

*** CORE/CPU ***
Added keyboard inputs for Rotation 8 - setup/configuration now possible (Gerrit Volkenborn)
Gottlieb Preliminary Display fading (Gerrit Volkenborn)
Mr Game improvements (Steve Ellenoff/Tom Behrens/Gerrit Volkenborn)
Corrected score displays for Peyper/Inder/Sonic (Gerrit Volkenborn)
Added support for LTD - should be working (no sound) - Gerrit Volkenborn
Added improved preliminary support for Playmatic (Gerrit Volkenborn)
Corrected displays for Safecracker, and other WPC games (Tom Behrens/Brian Smith)
Added Stern new region DMD dips (Gerrit Volkenborn)

*** COM DLL ***
VPM Display handling changes (Tom Haukaup)
Added dual monitor support (Excentric/Tom Haukap)
Added display rotation for vpm (Tom Haukap)
Corrected direct draw problem for PINMame (Tom Haukap)

Updated Alien Poker multiball roms (Oliver Kaegi)
Updated Firepower Custom roms (Oliver Kaegi)
Added Attack From Mars 1.13B (Brian Smith/Wod)
Added Austin Powers display roms for foregin languages (Brian Smith)
Added Bell Ringer roms (Cliffy)
Added Big Guns Prototype (Brian Smith)
Added Data East Batman 1.06 (Brian Smith)
Added Dinosaur Eggs sound rom (Brian Smith/Gerrit Volkenborn)
Added Gamatron roms (Gerrit Volkenborn)
Added High Roller Casino and Sharkey's Shootout display roms for added languages (Brian Smith)
Added Hot Shot Basketball (Brian Smith/Gerrit Volkenborn)
Added Hyperball (L=6) (Brian Smith/Jess Askey)
Added Junkyard Prototype (Gerrit Volkenborn)
Added Medieval Madness 1.09B (Brian Smith/Wod)
Added Monopoly French, German, Italian, and Spanish Display Roms (Brian Smith)
Added Monster Bash 1.06B (Brian Smith/Wod)
Added Odin Deluxe (Brian Smith/Gerrit Volkenborn)
Added Omni Sound (Brian Smith)
Added Sonic Star Wars (Steve Ellenoff/Joxer)
Added Sopranos 3.00
Added Stargazer Custom rom (Oliver Kaegi)
Added STTNG Special set (Brian Smith)
Added Ted Estes bootleg roms for early Williams games (Brian Smith)
Added Twilight Zone 9.4ch (Brian Smith)
Added Volcano 1a - alternate sound only (Gerrit Volkenborn)
Added Whitewater Home Roms (Gerrit Volkenborn)
Corrected Zaccaria Zankor (Oliver Kaegi)

What's new in Visual PinMAME:

Version 1.53, (June 1, 2006)
- added display rotation for the vpm window
- added the code from Jarez Bienz which allows you to set the display dd3 surface
- fixed a bug in the paths dialog (the first three weren't displayed anymore after a game was started)
- If you execute Controler.Run without a parent window VPM will now search for a running VPPlayer-Window and
if it's found it's used
- just before the VPM window becomes visible it is checked if the parent window is present and visible. If it's
not visible VPM will wait until it becomse visible (or a timeout of one second times out). Once the
parent window is visible it will be set as the active and foreground window
- selecting the vpm display and pressing escape will cause an error - known issue

Check out www.pinmame.com


appropriate at this time
Could anyone post a copy of omni and the file that goes with it please? I've been waiting for this, I want to MAME my bowler if I can.

Funny. having to use that ip hider I can get on VPF and post even, but I can't get a VPM table to work on.

Thanks a bunch guys. I shouldn't have to ask this, I know you all want to play with the new VPM your selves.


Pinball Nudger
Thanks for the update on VPM Destruk and the crew. Being able to play TSPP on it made me reinstall the program. Since playing it I have finally been able to play the modes I've only heard about since me and newer Stern machines aren't easily accessable unless I drive 2hours. (Run on sentence for the teachers in the forum)

High Score: 400Million plus
Played Springfield Mystery Spot, some of the Revenge Modes, and finally got to see what Alien Invasion was all about. Cool Stuff!

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