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VP 8 beta 5


appropriate at this time
Good thing the UC physics are going to be kept separate. UC flipper physics is an oxymoron I think. I tried the script, the core, PacDude's new core based routine that he said was going to be for UC version, and I can't get the flippers to go down slow enough to look realistic, let alone text the bttf issue. It sure looks like they fixed nothing about them. They aim terribly and they just go down so fast that the ball don't catch up with them. That's not physics, that's a very old trick that avoids the issue, not fixes it. Randy said it was not complete, but he did say that the flippers were "how we like them" now. I suspect that there is a ball through the flipper problem with the UC version, otherwise why the hell would someone have the flippers set to go down so damn fast.

Problems all over with ramps, but that's not a big deal, that can be fixed, and is not a problem if ramps were made well in the first place. I was never a big fan of lazy cheat triggers anyway. POTO with the very unorthodox ramps it has works great with the UC 'physics' other than the flippers which is a set back and a let down with UC version. There seems to be a big random element added to the balls' trajectory, and flippers' power with it.

Mr. & Mrs. PAC-MAN plays much better with VP physics than UC's. And the new system I'm working on that catches the ball even when the flipper is moving down slower than the ball works 80% as set up now with VP and 0% with UC. It's equal to VP's default, but the flippers go down too fast to test it with UC. So of course there is no BTTF as reported at VPF, there is not ball contact with a down swinging flipper.

Someone should alert Randy that this is not "how we like flippers" so he may support us setting them to our liking, BTTF or not.


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This is how we like them.

This is in slow motion to get a good look.


  • bbtf_advance_l_155.zip
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Highwayman, if you want good physics, buy an Ultrapin machine. It might be another 6 or 7 betas before Randy has the changes implemented correctly.


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On the PC the best version is 8 beta 5.
As destruk hints at, you might want to use VP physics option for now though.


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i tried that pinball - thing (i refuse to call it a pinball machine),
i wasnt impressed with it.

i also cant help thinking they are ripping someone off - they didnt write the emu or make the tables.

they are no better than people who sell fully loaded mame-cabs.


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It is a lot better when you can go in and add any game you want and have it play better than the pc version. Anyway, they paid Williams for use of the roms which is better than anyone here has done, they've paid Randy for vp, they paid something to the vpm dev team, and the tables they use, the authors get kicked back royalties for those. I can see how the better physics and editor capabilities wouldn't impress you though - because you just saw the 6 games it comes with and nothing else, so it's not your fault.


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I saw one on the coast in an arcade there but did not try it because there was real machines there. I was going to give it a go anyway, but didn't get around to it.

I did not know it had editor capabilities though, that's nice. I assume it's only on the home version though.


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I had an opportunity to play UltraPin, it was at the Rochester Gameroom Show and was setup next to Family Guy and other new machines, all set on free play.

Really enjoyed it, but noticed a lot of folks that walked away from the thang after 1 or 2 balls,....and i joined them. Can't compete with real machines but it was very neato and I think i love it.....

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