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VP pinball tournaments @ Pinballunlimited.net


pinball music recreator
stay tuned I will let you know when I get a chance to thumb through the tables. Can you give me some links of places to find good tables?


appropriate at this time
Yeah, right 'frk'. You mean when you get enough practice in on it, don't you?
links, yeah I have some, the same, man. good tables? the same.


pinball music recreator
What good will it do me to practice I can't enter the tournament nor can any staff member With all do respect I asked a fair question and you replied with a smartass answer how fair is that???


appropriate at this time
Asking me for a link to tables is smartass. The practice thing was just a joke.

If it was a fair question then I'll give you a fair answer.

Yes I have links.
There are tables at PO
There are tables at IRP
There are tables at PN
There are tables at PU
There are tables at VPF
There are tables at PacDude's place
At Bobs place
These I have links to

Do you want me to give you the full URLs?
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