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Support File VP VBS Files V3.18 Released


Pinball Wizard
New in 3.18
(System.vbs Additions)
- Added Atari1.vbs and Atari2.vbs files (Thanks to Inkochnito).

-The old Atari.vbs file is now obsolete, but included for backwards compatability with any existing tables that may have used it. New Tables should use the appropriate Atari1.vbs or Atari2.vbs files for generation 1 and generation 2 Atari systems, respectively.


PN co-founder
Thanks Dude, if Destruk likes you, you must be OK. :p I've added thses to the Essential Files section of the Download page.



Pacdude!! i am trying to get yer permission !!!!

Pacdude!! i am trying to get yer permission to borrow your table (breakshot) for a Gas attack conversion. I need the breakshot table layout (it uses the same) all the coding will be brand new! The only thing I need is just the actual layout and the plastics! See? they share the same layout and I thought it'd be simpler if it wasalready built. Someone on here informed me of your Breakshot redo and it 's exactly what I need! so can i use your table layout? i kind of already started it and of course you'd still get the credits for the basic design in the credit logs, along with anyone else's help i get with this pin. damn i just m=noticed that too, this threads OLD crap oh well... if he sees it fine if not i have permission to just continue...


  • gas attack playfield overhead.jpg
    gas attack playfield overhead.jpg
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  • breakshot playfield.jpg
    breakshot playfield.jpg
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