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VP & VPM setup help routine


Pinball Wizard
As Phoenixx decided to remove his VIP, I thought there is a need for anything else to help new and unexperienced users in how to set up/install Visual Pinball and Visual PinMAME.

I just finished a simple batch file that guides through all the steps of setup/installation. I called it "Visual Pinball and VPinMAME setup routine.bat".

It's not meant for experienced users. They would miss the freedom of decision where to install. It does not contain any needed files, but requires needed files to be downloaded before.

It needs 7zip command line version additional (required for extracting files) (see pic from where to get it).

Needed files for Visual Pinball

1. Main application

Visual Pinball 7alpha (full install): visualpinball_7alpha.msi
Visual Pinball 7 (exe only): VPinball-7alpha5.exe

2. Fonts

Font Collection 3.8: fonts_38.zip

Needed files for Visual PinMAME

1. Main application

Visual PinMAME: vpinmame_152.zip (first entry on the top)

2. PinMAME Sound samples

Mechanical sounds: pinmame.zip

Bally sounds: s3250u3.zip (should also work witout this)
Stern Flight 2000: flight2k.zip (should also work witout this)
Stern Freefall: freefall.zip (should also work witout this)
Stern Catacomb: catacomb.zip (should also work witout this)
Stern Lightning: lightnin.zip (should also work witout this)
Stern Split Second: splitsec.zip (should also work witout this)
Stern Orbitor 1: orbitor1.zip (should also work witout this)

3. Additional files

vpvbs files: vpvbs3_23.zip

All of these files need to be named as written and to be in one directory/folder.

Extract the files from the 7zip command line version to the same directory/folder.

Put this batch file to the same directory/folder.

Then run the batch file (*.bat) by doubleclick (you can run the batch file without the other files to get idea how it works).

Please let me know about any errors. I can't promise that it works for you.
There was no "playtest" before. I just run it successfully.


Pinball Wizard


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Pinball Wizard
Because I didn't manage to post in 1 (small) post? :lol:

Sorry, I'm not in search for a team nor in search for competition regarding this.


PN co-founder
Thanks for your work on an alternate to Phoenixx's VIP. Luckily it seems he's letting the VIP continue, but there's no problem with more than one way for new people to get everything up and running. BTW, I deleted your double post.


Pinball Wizard
I would really like to get a few comments about. Much more interesting were experiences anyone made.

Any chance?

A few more explanations:

You can only take and run the batch file, means without the needed files in the same directory you run it from, to get idea how it works. You don't need to interrupt. Just let it run step by step until to the end. It closes itself.

There will be nothing unzipped, installed, copied, setup, changed or what else then (only thing that can happen by accident, is that it starts Visual PinMAME setup file, if you have it already installed exactly in this folder/directory: "C:\VPinMAME" => then just quit that).

What it does automatically (with additional help of 7zip command line version and only if all the named files are there) is:

-Guides through installation/setup step by step
-Gives hints/advices if needed
-Starts the Visual Pinball 7alpha full setup version
-Replaces the VPinball.exe with the unexpiering one
-Extracts (unzips) fonts to the right place
-Creates C:\VPinMAME
-Extracts vpinmame_152.zip
-Copies sample files to the right place
-Starts Visual PinMAME setup.exe
-Extracts (unzips) the vpvbs files to the right place

It doesn't bring any new, but only uses and runs original files automatically. No problem with registering then.

The only restriction I'm aware of is that you need to install Visual Pinball to (exactly) this directory/folder: "C:\VisualPinball". A newbie or not experienced user should have no problem with that.

If you run it, just read and follow the advices exactly and there should be no problem, even if I only tried on my own a few times.

Thanks for your interests.


Pinball Wizard
I know what you mean. :lol:

I didn't care about that when writing the batch file. But the music folder is there anyway. It's generated automatically by VP by the running the VP installation.

But what does anyone want with an empty music folder? You don't get actual top 100 in mp3 with that for free. :guitar: :singer:


Pinball Wizard
Anyone of the three who dl the batch tried?

I'm just curious!

I changed a few things to the *.bat file on my own to install VP/VPM on partition f:\ here today. No problems.

Problems can or do occur, if you have previous installation. If that's the case, you only need to clean your windows
registry first and then run routine again.
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