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VPF Down


Pinball Wizard
Same here , VPF was down since 5 hours ago from here.

I asked in VP VPU chatroom why VPF might be down, but I didn't get any reply, oh well I never got a reply from there so what else is new. Glad to know it's not my PC acting up anyway.

I didn't get on last night and wanted to check for any news at VPF. I do see a new VP .exe was uploaded here anyway. Hopefully, VPF and AJ's will be back up soon and it was nothing serious.


Staff member
Site Supporters
Yes it is down, I suspect it is due to database errors as I can ping the site.


Pinball Nudger
This is the first one for a while now. It was up this afternoon EST. I remember when it was a common thing with the site. :)

Pop Bumper Pete

Pinball Pirate
Site Supporters
well, at this time AJ is looking into it

(I found a back door, so has 17 others :) )

no i didn't, I logged on just as tha site was comming back

weird seeing only 17 users though
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