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VPF Downloads


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The downloads have been broken at VPF for awhile and with each passing day without any update notification it gets harder to for me to understand why this is happening. VPF is a site that was built for VP and especially for VPM downloads, with a bunch of paying members.

The lack of updates to the downloads situation at VPF is bothersome to me and Pinball Nirvana has had no download registration requirements, ever. This site offers to host all VPM Tables that were at VPF, hope they get their stuff together.
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And then theres the size restrictions. I guess a table could not exceed 5MB at AJs whereas here,...well,...is there any such restriction for tables at all?

Anyhow, i have no doubt that AJ will be getting the upload section up again, somewhen, but the lack of communication and 'thats-the-situation' updates is really a pity. At least a 'thats-where-we-stand-folks' once a week would be nice, you know, just to let the people know what is going on. Right now nobody knows anything though, and of course the people who keep checking back after 24 hours keep wondering (and asking) why they keep seeing the same message every day again,...


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I for one wish this was THE place for all tables (Originals/FP/VP/VPM). Cuz with AJ's being crap and rarely updating table info and screenies (some screenies are from when these were popular)...


Yeah, the Zubaz, maybe even the shirt and mullet as well. Man I love that pic, somebody should build a table around it!

And I recall needing to beg AJ to update some of my tables screenies not just because they were old, but the screenie to go with my table was done by some other author.

Also, AJ's isn't overly scrict with the 5mb thing. Most of my stuff was around or over 5mb.
But still, the fact that new tables either have a super old nasty screenie, or better yet in some cases none at all (sometimes none is better than a 2002 job) is a huge letdown. It misleads downloaders as surely they pass up tables because of the download limit and being mislead by the screenshot to think that the table is something crappy when in fact it isn't.

I mean, we are well into the 2nd half of 2008, and is it really that difficult just to have our screenshots get uploaded with the tables. VPF is still a nice forum, even nicer after the update, but AJ's is keeping that place archaic, the weak link for sure.

Well, yeah, yay for there being downloads again, but now things are even worse.
I guess there technically is no "AJ's" anymore, just the actual VPF downloads section on a fancier site. And as we know VPF downloads never had ANY screenshots.
The new downloads are no different, everything is the same. No images attached to anything as far as I can see.

With the many hundreds of tables and versions out there, how will people ever know what they like without screenies? Just take wild guesses and hope for the best? I guess so.
Here's to hoping PN turns into the main place for downloads, or VPF getting their act together in a hurry.


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I'm also now seeing a 2mb download limit. And apparently we can add our own screenshots, but the only way I can see to do that is if you are uploading a new table. In other words, looks like no way of adding screenshots to stuff already uploaded there (which is pretty much everything)...I guess.
I just tried my Amazon Hunt mod to upload, which is under the usual AJ's limit of 5mb, but of course is over 2mb. Its about 4.5mb. And I got an error saying my file was too big! How many people make good tables that are under 2mb. This is a problem!
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Joshua B

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With the service PN offers, I'm surprised that this forum isn't the most popular pinball simulation forum on the internet.
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